24 May 2024

Effective cellulite removal. Deal with the orange peel once and for all

Effective cellulite removal. Deal with the orange peel once and for all. Cellulite is a natural condition that is not a medical anomaly. It does not change the fact that many women spend their nights awake and contribute to many complexes. Sometimes, it appears even on the thighs of naturally slim women, looks unsightly and prevents you from enjoying the summer season. How to fight him? What makes cellulite arise and are there methods that will help us forget about it completely?

Fight against cellulite in the aesthetic medicine office

Regardless of whether you are a chubby or slim woman, teenager or sixty-year-old – cellulite can affect everyone. It is a genetic or hormonal change that affects almost every woman at some point in her life. This change results from a specific arrangement of connective tissue fibers other than in men who are not affected. However, you can fight effectively with this seemingly unaffected trait. Aesthetic medicine doctors have tools that allow you to forget about the orange skin and enjoy smooth, firm skin again. What treatments are these?

Laser and effective cellulite removal

Laser is considered one of the most effective cellulite removal treatments. In aesthetic medicine clinics we find a lot of different equipment, the operation of which is considered extremely effective. Popular laser lipolysis with neodymium-yag laser beats popularity records in our country. There is a reason: after the treatment the skin is much smoother and it is much more effective than massages or all kinds of cosmetic procedures. The laser in the form of optical fiber is introduced under the skin surface in the area of ​​the changed tissue, and the effect of its action is to increase the fluidity of fat and the destruction of fibrotic structures. This affects the tension and elasticity of fat.

Body-mix is ​​another popular treatment. The treatment consists of a combination of a diode laser, cryotherapy, vacuum massage and photostimulation, i.e. deep light stimulation.

Lipomassage for unruly orange skin

Interesting treatments that are gaining more and more popularity among patients of aesthetic medicine clinics are LPG Endermology and Maximus. The first of them sucks the skin with a specialized head and then kneads it with special rollers. This helps to make lymphatic drainage, which in turn breaks down fat cells. The Maximus treatment works on several levels: epidermis, dermis, adipose tissue and muscles. The treatment involves using the power of radio waves, heating tissues to a temperature of 60 degrees. The tissue is liquefied and removed.

Injection lipolysis and cellulite removal

Effective cellulite removal is not only technologically advanced devices. A treatment that is effective but underestimated is injection lipolysis. Its advantages can be multiplied: it is a non-invasive, non-surgical procedure, which does not require recovery and at the same time is effective. During the procedure, the doctor inserts the selected solution with a needle or cannula into the subcutaneous tissue. After the treatment, the skin swells slightly and becomes red, and the pain can be compared with soreness. To deal with the pain, massage the injection site and drink plenty of water (this will also help you get rid of waste products that your body will try to get rid of after the procedure). We will see the results after one or several treatments (it depends on the level of advancement of our cellulite).Approximately a few weeks after the procedure, we will enjoy smooth skin for a long time.

Each treatment that we do to get rid of the treatment must be associated with a change in lifestyle – only thanks to this combination our body will feel the changes for longer. A good idea will be regular exercise, drinking plenty of water, regular meals and avoiding excess salt in your diet.

Who has cellulite?

Cellulite is a female trait. It occurs in up to 90% of women, while men are only 2%. So it depends on sex hormones and fat cells – in women there are twice as many as in uglier sex. Age is also decisive – the changes intensify in mature women, although many teenagers also complain about this aesthetic problem. Body building is no less important. Women who naturally have a tendency to chubby thighs and butts, short and squat are much more often complaining about unsightly changes.

Bad eating habits have a big impact on the formation of orange peels: consuming large amounts of carbohydrates and fats to the detriment of proteins, too much salt causes accumulation of water in tissues, drinking alcohol and a large amount of coffee. A sedentary lifestyle also affects (the less muscle tissue, the worse for the appearance of our thighs). Effective cellulite removal will not be possible if the person undergoing the procedure wears too tight clothes affecting the venous outflow or very often wears high-heeled shoes.